Green Goals For 2009

January 12, 2009

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Good Morning! Amy over at the Crunchy Domestic Goddess has listed her own “Green Goals” for this year (read Amy’s post here), and she has inspired me to do the same. I feel that going green is a gradual process for most people, and encompasses a whole spectrum of possibilities. I encourage you and your family to start wherever you are now, and make the changes that feel right to you.

tree-reader“Tree Reader” by Johanna Wright

Over the years, I have made small changes in the way I live: I now use only natural cleaning products, I buy local, organic produce as much as possible, I carry a reusable water bottle rather than buying plastic, and I am conscious about turning off lights, shutting down electronics, and lowering the heat. Here are a few things I would like to add to that list this year:

  1. Get extra cloth bags to bring to the grocery store. I do have a few reusable bags for groceries, but I must admit I often forget to bring them with me! I would like to leave a few in the car, a few at home, and stuff a couple of the really small kind (like these) in my purse.
  2. Remember to go bag-free for small purchases. This is such a simple one! It’s just a matter of making it a habit: When you are purchasing just a few little things (toothpaste, a pack of gum, a paperback book), say “No, thanks” to the bag, and put the items in your purse instead.
  3. Buy in bulk to reduce packaging waste – and save money! I’m going to aim to do this for anything nonperishable that is available in bulk, like toilet paper, shampoo, cleaning products, etc. Buying in bulk also means shopping less frequently, so I’ll drive less, too – bonus points!
  4. Plant a garden. Hopefully this will be the year that my husband and I buy our first house :) I would like to build a little raised vegetable bed, and start making our own compost.
  5. Shop local and handmade. I want to reduce my shopping overall, but when I do make purchases, I want to know that they were made responsibly.

Okay, there are my goals! Now, what are your Green Goals for 2009? Do you feel like you’re just starting out? Or, have you already incorporated more eco-friendly practices into your life?

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